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A nice group - old friends and new- met at Sutton Inn last night for a Sociando-Mallet vertical. Restaurant did a nice job- we shared a couple of charcuterie platters, then I had a pea soup with pinenuts and quail egg, onion gnocchi with gruyere, and lamb shank.
2013 Montbourgeau L'Etoile (Jura) Nutty/sherry nose, interesting but not my thing. C+
Then to the reds
1986 Ch. Sociando-Mallet A little muted at first, opens up; Sturdy, cassis and a bit of cigarbox. B+
1986 blind wine I was doing more social engineering than tasting for my guessing. I was thinking JC might have brought Meyney (since Sociando is near St Estephe and similarly priced) but different profile. Green tobacco leaf (petit verdot?) , dark fruits, some earthy notes. JC said Haut Medoc and I got La Lagune B+
1982 Ch. Sociando-Mallet I?ve liked this a lot in the past, at least this bottle is on downslope though still enjoyable. Leather, cigar smoke, dirt over slightly tired red fruit. B
1988 Ch. Sociando-Mallet A bit of barnyard on nose, still plenty of tannin, black plum and cassis with some dirt. B/B+
1988 blind wine - structured, coffee and cassis, slightly tacky tannin. Someone (Greg?) got St. Estephe quickly. I think others liked a lot more than I did. 1988 Cos d?Estournel B
1989 Ch. Sociando-Mallet This was corked, but Ross had brought a backup bottle, and we were glad he did! Redder fruit, mocha, fresh green herbs, long. MY WOTN . A-
1990 Ch. Sociando-Mallet Ripe, round, some tannin but approachable. B+/A-
1995 Ch. Sociando-Mallet This was clearly flawed., One person thought corked, but I didn?t get TCA, just some OTT VA and oxidative notes. Ramon offered to open a ?99 backup, but we demurred- too much wine
1996 Ch. Sociando-Mallet Cassis, acids, the most clear green pepper till now but well-integrated, I think I liked more than some B+/A-
2000 Ch. Sociando-Mallet Pretty coiled, cassis, green pepper, I think has potential. B+/B
2004 Ch. Sociando-Mallet Bell pepper out in force here, but also some nice red fruits and ferric notes, some oak. B/B+
I don?t drink much young Bordeaux any more, so with that and palate fatigue notes get sketchy. Take with an extra grain (or teaspoon) of salt.
2009 Ch. Sociando-Mallet Ripe, kirschy, wood. Not my thing. B-/C+
2010 Ch. Sociando-Mallet Also quite ripe, but here there seems to be more balance, with good acids and tannins seeming to be less from the oak. B/B+
2011 Ch. Sociando-Mallet Acids, tannin, some cassis, a little hollow. B/B-
2016 Ch. Sociando-Mallet Cassis, mocha, big but balanced tannins. This could be really good. B+
Fun night with fun people.
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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El martes, 30 de abril de 2019, 16:43:12 (UTC+2), DaleW escribió:
Too bad! I got a case of the 2009 for my daughter's cellar. We can only hope.
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I with Santiago here bought 3 bottles. Now sounds like a bad purchase. I normally like Sociando-Mallet and buy regularly. Bad year?
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Lawrence Leichtman
Santiago and Lawrence, A lot is going to depend on your preferences re ripeness I guess. For me this has stepped over the line, while for other's it didn't JC's note from same dinner: ripe dark fruited, cedar and herbal nose that follows through on plusher styled palate than anything that preceded it, very good. As we all know, taste/preference is individual, and I generally think the splits are bigger in the very ripe years. I think the '09 Cos is a WA 99-100, while my friend John Gilman gave it like a 70. My guess is my opinion will be closer to his, but that doesn't mean yours would. So good luck with your SM purchases!
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Not a big fan of super ripe years. I tend to prefer leaner style. Maybe holding for a while will help and may wait until next year to even open a bottle.
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Lawrence Leichtman
El miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2019, 22:15:01 (UTC+2), Lawrence Leichtman escribió:
Sociando being a rather classic Chateau one can only hope that they do not suffer that much in hotter years. We'll see. (Rather "She'll see").
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