Two Vogue's

I had the opportunity to drink two Vogue Musigny VV's last night from
the 1993 and the 1996 vintages. We drank them over a tow hour period
with seared NY Strip's. To be honest the wines were mirror images of
each other so one discription will suffice. Both were stored on
release at 55F. Bright garnet color with no sign of age in the
glass. Very tight nose with a bit of minerality and a whiff of
violets. The wine was mediuim bodied with a tightly wound core of
cherry and red currants. A bit of blueberry was evident on the
somewhat tannic finish. These wines were years away from maturity and
possibly may never fully open up before the fruit fades away. One
could ssense a terrific wine under the tannic grip and tightness but
these are not charming wines at present.
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I'm not terribly surprised that these were as tight as they were, given the years in question. Did you, or someone with you, post notes to Cellartracker on these? There are notes from Anonymous on both, entered 10/14. Coincidence?
Thanks! Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton
Musigny often is described as a more refined or delicate wine than many other top Burgundies, but this does not mean it is slower to age and peak than Chambertin or Richebourg, for example. The 1988 VV was not ready a few years ago, and I decided to age the remaining bottles several more years before opening another one. The 1949 regular, not VV) was still holding well about two years ago. I have not bought any top Burgundy since the 1990 vintage. From your description, it seems that de Vogue's Musigny VV is still being made properly as it always was, except for one or two short periods when the quality seemed to be somewhat reduced for whatever reason.
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Probably my dinner guest. He brought the '96 and posts from time to time on Squires, etc. I haven't read his notes, I'll check them out though.
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