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Looking for Spanish Wine Distributor
Does anyone know which distributor handles Torres Vinyards, Spain, for the West coast, USA? You can contact Riana Carpenter. She distributes Spanish wines. You can contact het in Riana Carpenter...
16 years ago 3
Napa Valley
I'm am planning a trip to Napa this fall, a week in October. Looking for a special place to stay with my wife (second honeymoon). Need recommendations. Thanks We stayed at the Harvest Inn a couple of...
16 years ago 9
France's mono-cepages redux
There's been some discussion in the past here about french wines labelled with grape varieties, e.g. cabernet sauvignon, etc. This -- I hold -- is not very common here, the AOC system being more...
16 years ago
Château de Beaucastel 1995 Châteauneuf-du-Pape
I am very new to the list, I have been lurking for maybe a week. Today I ran across a Château de Beaucastel 1995 Châteauneuf-du-Pape (Southern Rhone) in a 375ml bottle for around $25 and picked it...
16 years ago 3
Serious Wine Question
Hello All, I have a serious wine question and don't want to come across as a troll. I'm not much of a wine drinker but I bought some cheap wine to add to various recipes. I bought a "Carlos Rossi"...
16 years ago 4
Chateau la Couspaude 2000 - any comment ?
I have a bottle of Chateau la Couspaude 2000 is there anyone who can tell me anything about this wine ? Bordeaux 2000 is exciting, but is this one any good ? Best Regards Morten Pedersen...
16 years ago 1
Greek wines
Hi my wine club wants to make a selection of Greek wines. 5 or 6 references. One of them white wine Which wines will be the most representative? Thank you and best regards David Not sure of it's...
16 years ago 1
Re: Cooking with improperly stored wines?
I have always found that cooking with wine reduces and therefore concentrates the wine flavours. If these are good flavours, the dish will benefit, if the wine is bad, you will spoil the recipe. If...
16 years ago 11
TN: Wines with moving and red meat
On an incredibly pleasant evening before the Fourth, we had a picnic at a riverside concert. We had the 2002 Vega Sindoa Rosado (Navarra) and the 2001 Petaluma Riesling. The rosé had a soft nose of...
16 years ago
TN: Clos du Caillou CdR "Bouquet des Garrigues" 1998
This is one of the boutique bottlings of Clos du Caillou's Cotes du Rhones imported by David Hinkle of North Berkeley Imports. Opened tonight, it first impressed us as a lighter red wine with bright...
16 years ago
Re: Stag's Leap Winery
There does seem to be some confusion here. Stag's Leap Wine Cellar is the producer of Cask 23 and does not make a petite syrah. Stag's Leap Winery is the producer of the Pet. They are two completely...
16 years ago 1
grow your own
Gourmet mushroom substrate-loaded Bags, Kits, and Jars starting at $18.99! We accept V/MC/Paypal.
16 years ago
NYT articles on Loire SBs
The latest wine tasting from the NY Times involves Sancerres and Pouilly-Fumés. I do not have enough first-hand experience with the producers involved to comment on the outcome, but it makes for...
16 years ago
Re: Stupid question about an Oz wine.
Mat The wine is a single vinyard bottling from a cool climate reigon, ~900 meters altitude, and if correctly cellered should still be eminently drinkable. DONT LEAVE IT MUCH LONGER. DRINK NOW. It...
16 years ago 9
Austrian appellation changes?
What's this I'm hearing about changes in the appellation sytem in Austria. Can someone explain what they are up to and what we'll see in the future? Thanks, John Salut/Hi John Gunn, - Is it possible...
16 years ago 6