Beer question - hope its ok

I have a beer kit with a best before 18th Oct. Is this still OK and date on the tin is just for meeting some EU directive or will it be unusable.
Sorry its beer, I do make wine and you all are so friendly.
Iain New Zealand
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Iain William Wiseman
It will be OK. The only problem is that the yeast might not fire on all cylinders and it would be a good idea to get another packet from your local HBS.
Trevor A Panther
In South Yorkshire, England
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Iain - The kit will be OK. If you really get into beer making check out "The Homebrew Digest" at and another newsgroup "rec.crafts.brewing". Both are good places for beer expertise. Bill Frazier Olathe, Kansas USA
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William Frazier
Here is a dissenting opinion, kind of.
I think it depends on what makes up the beer kit. Some of the ingredients may be stale. If it contains liquid malt extract there is a good chance it's stale, especially if it's not canned LME. If there are any real hops in the kit, they too may be stale unless they have been stored correctly. Any pre-crushed grains, likewise. The yeast may be dead.
It will still make beer but may have some off flavors.
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