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It's depend on what you need. Check
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in BC. They sold regular equipments. If you need large scale equipments you can try to contact: Elnova/Elmatron
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Funk wines are very reliable and the prices seem to be quite competitive. They are extremely helpful on the phone with respect to specific products and have a product/price list on line at
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Glen Duff -----------------
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Glen Duff
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is good..but they mostly have brewing related stuff.
I think they have some wine kits, frozen grapes/skins, and things. Plus quite a few of the supplies.
Tom S wrote in message ...
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John D. Misrahi
Interestingly Funk has a larger variety of Lalvin yeasts in small amounts then I thought Lalvin normally sold. There are other yeasts such as BM45 and Wädenswil 27.
They mention yeast cultures and not packages so this may not be the little foil pouches.
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Don S
I've noticed myself that their e-mail response is a little iffy. They're in Coldbrook, Nova Scotia. Their phone number is (902) 679-0969.
Tom S
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Tom S
On Sun, 04 Jan 2004 19:32:46 GMT, "Tom S" wrote:
I deal with them all the time. Tom's right, their email response is slow. They're very good folks, however.
Dr Corinne B Leek Nova Scotia
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