How is Cynthiana (Norton) as a wine grape. An Extension agent suggested it
as a possible for our area but I'm a little concerned with possible
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Richard Heckman
I have little experience growing Norton (yet), but I have made a point of trying every commercial label I could get my hands on. Most were pretty darn good, and any fault in the wines was not caused by the variety. There doesn't seem to be any foxiness at all, and the grape is a natural for the "big red" style. Here in western NJ my single test vine put on vigorous growth last year, but how it bears and ripens is yet to be determined. For me, I think it would be a good choice, better than my assorted FA hybrids.
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Mike McGeough
I have no experience making wine, but I have a lot of experience drinking it. :-)
I'm quite fond of Norton/Cynthiana wines, but in my experience, they require a bit more age than European varietals to really show their best. The flavor profile is a bit odd for the first few years... not really any foxiness, if I understand the term right, just some unusual flavors that mellow after a few years in the cellar.
I'd rather drink a five to ten year old Norton than a first growth Bordeaux.
Greg G.
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