Dick - the best way is to let the grapes hang long enough to get really ripe. Acid content will fall as the grapes ripen. I have to tie my hands behind my back in order not to pick my grapes too soon. Some ways to get rid of excess acid; cold soak the must before fermentation at about 28 - 30F. Lots of acid will precipitate and you rack to a second container for fermentation. Use Lalvin 71B yeast (or another yeast that will metabolize malic acid). Conduct a malo-lactic fermentation after yeast fermentation is complete. Cold condition the new wine. Finally, if there still is too much acid you can add potassium bicarbonate to neutralize acid followed by another cold condition step. This should do it.
Hopefully you will get ripe fruit and not have to go to any extremes to balance your wine. Some of my fellow wine club members make excellent Norton/Cynthiana wine.
Bill Frazier Olathe, Kansas USa
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