Elderberry Blend suggestions

I am thinking about making a Merlot/Elderberry or Zinfandel/Elderberry
blend. Has anyone ever tried either of the two? If so, what were your
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You might check the archives of this ng at google for more information on elderberry wine. IIRC Ben Rotter has a little bit of information on elderberry wine on his site called 'Improved Winemaking' (i think).
Honestly there's not realy much other than recipes out there about elderberry. That said I would make each wine your considering separtely and blend before bottling. You have more control this way. Also, It seems to my limited experience that Zin is a wide range of wine depending on viticulture and terrior.
When I open a bottle of elderberry I think merlot. Definately can stand on it's own merits.
This year I have 2 batches, one is just elderberry with American oak the other with raisins, banana's and a handful of Oregon Grape and French oak. We'll see what happens in a year or two.
Take Care; Steve Oregon
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