Frozen Rhubarb

I have rhubarb frozen from a year ago, packaged in standard twist-tied
freezer storage bags. Would it still be good enough to make a batch of wine
from? I'd be using this years rhubarb too. I assume the ice in the bag
should be added too, since it represents moisture that was in the rhubarb.
I'm afraid of potential "freezery" offtastes since it's been frozen so long.
Has anyone tried this?
Thanks, Dan.
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I've got 2 big quart bags FULL of rhubarb, and am waiting for a carboy to be empty and ready before I start fermenting the stuff. Maybe I'll keep it for a winter project.....
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Rick Vanderwal
I find that freezing the fruit helps break the cells down & thus releases juices much easier. I always freeze my rhubarb before fermenting.
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Kent McLellan

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