Help! I'm an idiot!

Never make wine when you are tired and not thinking well.
I have a problem. I decided to make a Niagara, sweet and strong, today.
I looked in my book of recipes from previous projects, tweaked things a bit
and then got the shock of my life!!!
I was boosting the ingredients used in a previous 6 gallon batch recipe
and I am only making a 5 gallon batch, so I now have a PA of 21%!!!!!!!!! I
did not notice the problem until after I added the yeast and put the
hydrometer in. I used a D47 yeast, but as soon as I realized what had
happened, I added in an EC1118 as it is supposed to be much higher in
alcohol production.
Does ANYBODY have ANY ideas??????? I've racked it to a carboy and put an
airlock on it. This is sooo incredibly FUBAR that I think I should probably
split the batch into two carboys and top each off to have a 10.5% PA.....
I hate it when concrete proof of my stupidity is sitting on the shelf
for a year....

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Bob, You are going to get what you were looking for I think. Ec1118 should get you around 16-20% alc leaving you a semi-sweet Niagara. The only other viable option I see is to add in unsweetened Niagara or a concentrate to get your numbers back in line. I'm not sure why you would want a real high alcohol Niagara, but to each their own. Ps. I would add some nutrient (slowly) to help try to prevent fermentation from sticking if you dont get the PA down. John Dixon
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J Dixon
I think your idea to split the batch and add (acidulated) water is your best bet, but why not just add water until you reach the desired PA and then transfer this volume to different sized containers so that each is full. 10.5% PA isn't necessary or desirable.
In addition to 6.5, 5 and 3 gallon carboys, I often use 1/2 and 1 gallon glass apple juice containers to keep everything topped-up. It means lots of different sized stoppers and an arsenal of air-locks, but it works.
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Boy, I sure hope so... It is fermenting along just fine, but I may dilute it and put it in my 6.5 gal. carboy as soon as it is empty. It gives me the willies. I haven't had anything with a PA of 21% since I dunno when....
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21%!!!!!!!!! I
I'm leaning towards using the 6.5 as soon as it is available. I hadn't thought about adding acid to the water; thanks for mentioning that.
I'm in a remote area and the local shops don't sell glass jugs of apple juice, only plastic ones. This episode has pointed out to me the need to buy another 6.5 gallon carboy. I have five of the 5 gallon, but only one 6.5..... Blobert<
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No worries, the Red Sox are a bunch of idiots and things worked out for them :-)
I think your mistake was in pitching the EC-1118. That may eat up most of that sugar and leave you with mostly just strong. If you had stayed with the D47 and taken the 14% ABV you may have ended up with a decent dessert wine if you balanced the sugar with sufficient acid. Although it would depend on how much flavor you get from the Niagra.
If this is from a concentrate, I would split the batch and add more diluted concentrate. If it's from grapes, maybe blend with a low alcohol wine like a Riesling?
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