Muscadine vine production?

How many pounds of grapes does a "vinyard sized" muscadine vine produce? And, what is the size of this "vinyard sized" vine? Thanks, James
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I am probably wrong, but I live on Roanoke Island, home of "The Mother Vine", found by Sir Walter Raleigh's colonists in 1584. IIRC it is some sort of muscadine or maybe a scuppernong.... Anyway, the original plant is =still= growing. The main trunk is about a 40cm thick, it is trained onto wires covering an area of roughly 10 metres by 30 metres. The subdivision is called "Mother Vineyard". I'm told it produces hundreds of pounds of fruit. My property, 2km from the Mother Vine, was originally a farm, and a vine planted in 1900 which is 6 metres by 10 metres, produces about two 25 litre pails full every year, call it 40 kilos roughly. YMMV, Bob
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James, I have 80 Muscadines (12 varieties) in my Vineyard. Each variety has a different production rate. A lot depends on how long you have trained the vine to grow, fertilization and proper puring. I have some of my mature vines which will produce 20-30 gallons each year and others will only produce 10-20 gallons. ALso, the variety has a great deal to do with the production, some just out produce others. Hope this helps James
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