What to to with bad wine given to you...

If somebody gives you a bottle of wine you opened and it tasted bad; here is what you do. Top it up with water or cheap wine, re-cork and give it away as a present. And if you are being hounded from people who are not your favorite people, to give them some of your precious homemade wine; remove the label and give it to them. (with a sly smile)
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Johnny Mc

I've tasted home-made Italian wine--that's mean !!! ;-)
Just kidding...I'm Italian too ! And from Ottawa--maybe we're related ? LOL
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If I receive bad wine from someone I really feel sorry for that person and have no respect for their ability to pick or make wine, depending on the case. I sure would not want anyone to think that way about me. I make enough that it is easy to give away only good wine.
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Ray Calvert

You also have to be careful who you give your bad or not so good wine to.
Last year I had some wine I was about to pitch. A friend said that he had a friend who would drink "Anything" and convinced me to let him give the wine to his friend.
As the wine was not bad - it just was not all that good - I agreed and gave him some wine to give to his friend.
A couple months later I went to a party at his friends home. Guess what I found - MY wine with my label and name that he was giving out to his guests. Soooo the lesson is that if you do not want your reputation as a good winemaker ruined, do not give your not so good wine out to unknowns who supposedly will drink anything because it could come back to haunt you.
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Paul E. Lehmann

...unless you relabel it.
The original poster said that this was a good way to get rid of wine that was given to you. I submit that this would be appropriate only if you give the relabelled wine back to the person who gave it to you in the first place.
I know I once gave a bottle of what I considered excellent wine to my boss. His tastes run differently, so he took one taste and tossed the entire bottle down the sink. The rat bastard never thought to offer it to anyone with better taste; he just wasted the whole thing.
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