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I've previously used Lalvin D47 and EC1118 as well as D254 with my annual blend of Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot aged in oak.
Any thoughts on using something different this year. It seems EC1118 is recommended as the only yeast regardless of wine type in many of our local winemaking stores and is often the only one they carry. But, with a little effort I can get other strains.
It's a little late to be starting an 04 red but our Niagara vintage wasn't that great this year and I wasn't going to bother but now have access to some good quality european juice so I will be starting it in the next week or so.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Glen Duff
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Glen Duff
I used BM45 last year, on Baco Noir, and it seems to have done very well with it. I am not sure if it'd be best for 'meritage' blends though. Just a thought.
Charles Horslin
St.Catharines, ON
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Charles H
For a Cab/Merlot blend, try BDX or Pasteur Red. Others pretty good are D254 that you mentioned, D21 or D80.
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Lalvin RC-212 is recommnded for Big Reds and is "traditionally used in the Burgundy region". (Extracted from
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This yeast should be available in a decent wine store. It is carried by distributors RJ Spagnols and ABC Cork (and maybe others), so check their web-sites for stores in your area.
If you live near Grand Forks BC, Corks 'n Caps there usually has it.
On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 15:57:06 -0500, Glen Duff wrote:
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Steve Waller
You might take a look here:
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They have EXCELLENT (sorry, but I just MUST shout that) yeast strains. If you want to try which yeast fits your grapes best (and I do that on a regular basis; just make 5 different wines from the same juice just by using 5 different types of yeast; the kind of yeast you use determins 20 % of the flavor of your wine!) try it out. (or never know). The last time I did this, was on this year's apples. 4 types of yeast: Bioferm Aromatique, Bioferm Doux, Kitzinger Liebfraumilch and ASA Reinhefe. Wine is only just maturing, but I did taste of course. I really do love the Liebfraumilch! Never gonna use anything else on apple anymore (for the coming 3 or 4 years that is...). Wyeast Bordeaux yeast I have tasted when the people from Wyeast were in Belgium a few years ago to promote their yeast. Zinfandel it was. A great wine!!!!! It is a major benefit to Dutch grapes too. BTW: I do not work for them; it is just true. Ed "Glen Duff" schreef in bericht news:
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