carbonator cap - how to shake w/o getting beer in CO2 line?

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So I am first timer on the carbo cap process - I am force carbing with
the cap: taking the non carb beer from the keg to the 2 liter bottles
and forcing there. Reading other threads it seems that shaking the
bottle with the CO2 line still attached is the way to go (vs.
pressurizng, removing, shaking, re-pressurizing, etc - although I dont
see the physical difference...)

So, how do I agitate the bottle without getting beer up the CO2 line?

Has anyone had success with the attach/remove process?



Re: carbonator cap - how to shake w/o getting beer in CO2 line?


You will most definitely get beer in the CO2 line if you keep it
connected while agitating (done it twice).  Best technique is: over
the sink, first loosen the cap a bit and squeeze *all* of the air out
of the bottle, and screw the cap on tightly.  Then, charge the bottle
@ ~30PSI disconnect the line, shake it vigorously for a few minutes,
re-pressurize to 30 PSI, shake some more, and repeat that process
about 2-3 times.

Force carbing the whole keg isn't much more work except that during
the agitation process you'll have to shake the whole keg at once. If
you don't feel like manhandling 40+ lbs of beer and keg weight, just
sit in a chair, put the charged keg across your knees, and bounce it
around for a minute or two while watching TV or something.  You can
leave the CO2 line attached during this process because the beer
absorbs enough gas that the line will be at higher pressure (gas
coming out = no beer in). Not so with the 2L bottle.

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Re: carbonator cap - how to shake w/o getting beer in CO2 line?


For the 2L process you described above, is this with the beer at room
temp or colder? I have tried the carb method with cold beer, exactly as
you described but it has yeilded almost zero carbination. It was my
understanding that since colder liquid's absorption ability (not sure
about rate) is better then warmer, cold force carbing is the way to go.

I tried this method of 30psi, remove, shake, re-attach, etc and have
had no luck on the carbing front. In your process, how much head room
do you leave for CO2?


Re: carbonator cap - how to shake w/o getting beer in CO2 line?

On Fri, 2 Dec 2005 22:02:43 -0600, rcm228 wrote

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You leave it on. You'll notice that while you agitate the beer it absorb co2
and the flow will be towards the beer. So nothing will get back inside the
co2 lines.

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