Cranberry beer

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I once made the mistake of brewing a watermelon beer for my wife and now
about every 3 months she begs me for a new fruity type beer (nothing sweet
mind you, just a good pilsner with a fruity after taste). Well now she
want's a cranberry one but I'm a little nervous about altering my current
fruit recipe beer for this one since I would imagine the berries to be a bit
high on the acidic side, not to mention somewhat bitterly sour ( I hate
cranberries so I'm not really an expert on them). So does anyone have a good
extract recipe for a cranberry beer?


Re: Cranberry beer

On Thu, 20 Dec 2007 21:19:44 -0500, Matt wrote:
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Did you try google?
Or yahoo?
I can't recommend any, since I also don't like cranberries.


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Re: Cranberry beer

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The site has a nice Cranberry bog ale that I made
and it came out quite nice. If you are using all grain as I am I just
converted the recipe with the beersmith applicaton. I used the
cranberry extract to flavor the ale.

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