Holiday Beer and trivia

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but you have to ask.
Besides, what is holiday beer?
Because of brewing temperatures for beer it is now thought that the actual
birth of Christ was either in April or July, and moved to December to line
up with several other religion's celebrations, replacing the feasts of the
"dies natalis solis invicti" (Birth of the invincible sun, the sun god)
which was observed to greet the longer days after the winter solstice and a
pagan beer blow out (no ice, had to wait for cool temperatures in the fall
to brew) and the opening the first winter fermentation, (is it easier to
convert someone with a terrible hangover?) winter beer is the stuff of old
traditions, holiday spices and pictures of a white bearded guy with a huge
beer belly on the label.

Holiday cheer is the time when brewers depart the normal hop, water, yeast
and barley and add truly weird things to high octane beer like, peppermint,
pine needles, brown sugar, molasses, butterscotch, oranges, currants and
cinnamon.  The base barley usually has dark malts added to it (like Black
Patent and Chocolate).  It is a time for the brewer to depart the year long
effort of making  beers bases on 2 and 6 row barely, water, hops and yeast.
Sometimes the work, often they don't...

BEER trivia TIME

1.  Why do American Light Beer Brewers (Bud, Coors, Miller, etc.) urge you
to sink their products into ice and serve ice cold?

2.  Why is Miller's bottle clear glass and Bud in dark glass?

3.  What is more fattening, a bottle of beer or can of Coke? (and why?).

4.  If you order a Guinness Beer in Portland or Phoenix, where was it most
likely brewed?

5.  What does Hefe Weizen mean?

6.  Would you put a lemon or lime in a fine Vienna Pilsner Lagered Beer? And
where did the German Brewers go anyway?

7.  Who was Corona Beer brewed for? And what from?

Re: Holiday Beer and trivia
I'll take a stab at this...

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Chilling the beer reduces 'off' aromas given by these mass-produced beers.
Being ice cold also numbs your taste receptors, making these beers appear
more palatable.

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Bottling in dark glass reduces the chances of being "cooked" if left out in
daylight.  Miller doesn't care if their beer is cooked, because it's going
to taste like sh** anyway you serve it.

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Depends.  If we're talking Miller Light, it has about 50 calories (for a 12
oz serving) less than Coke and is, therefore "less fattening".  A 12-oz
serving of a typical mass-produced Scottish Ale has about 225 calories, give
or take, making it more fattening.

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The words "Hefe" and "Weizen" mean "yeast" and "wheat", respectively.

A beer called "Hefeweizen" is an unfiltered wheat beer in which the cloudy
yeast is a distinguishing characteristic...much like the Aventinus I'm
drinking right now.

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Yes, you would.  In Bavaria, it is a common practice to add lemon or lemon
soda to beers to make them less heavy.  The common drink known as a "Radler"
is a 50-50 mix of "Helles" and and a lemon soda.  "Radler" literally means
"bicyclist" and is commonly seen being consumed by people enganged in
physical activities such as hiking, bike riding, etc.

Adding lemon or other fruit and fruit extracts to beer is a common practice
and is best left to the consumer.

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Corona is brewed from a wort of horse pi** and other 'fine" ingredients.  It
was brewed to torture prisoners captured in the Mexican-American war.

Today, Corona is best used as a garage floor stripper.

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Re: Holiday Beer and trivia
Potter wrote:

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There's no taste there, so it makes the product appear more resfreshing

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Miller uses a hop extract that has been processed to avoid skunking, so
they can get away with clear bottles.  Bud doesn't use the same hop
extract process

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Depends on the beer...

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Hefe=yeast Weizen=wheat

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This is a trick quesion..there is no such thing as Vienna pilsner.

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I have no idea...

Life begins at 60 - 1.060, that is.

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Re: Holiday Beer and trivia
I have to agree with everyones answers except for #3, from a
medical/nutritionist standpoint, I would say Choke is more fattening because
of the amounts of complex sugars, carmels and other additives, which, since
your body cannot break them down properly are converted to fats.

Beer on the otherhand...contains simple sugars which have already been
broken down by our hungry little friends...yeast.  Plus if you remember from
7th grade health class...that food pyramid thingy...what was it called?
Anyway...something about eating a lot of grains...


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Re: Holiday Beer and trivia

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Beer is liquid bread. It's good for you.

-- =

Keith Beall

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