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I am in search of my first kegerator.  I have been trying to do some
research but have been having trouble finding reviews on different
brands and models.  I am looking for something that will hold 2 or 3 5
gallon kegs so that I can keep my beer on tap as well as some of the
microbrews in the area.  Does anyone have any suggestions about which
kegerator to get or where to buy it to get the best deal.

Thanks for the help

Re: Kegerator

On Sun, 07 Jan 2007 09:57:02 -0800, Disneb wrote:

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I'm sure others more knowledgeable and actually in the country you
are in will have more or better info but I came across this site
a while ago:
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Re: Kegerator

You could use a chest freezer with an external
thermostat controller (digital or analog) and fit a few
kegs into that. The controller will set you back less
than $100, the cheap one close to $50, and the freezer
new will be around $150 or so. You'll still need the
taps unless you just use party taps and open the
freezer when you pour a beer.

On 7 Jan 2007 09:57:02 -0800, "Disneb"

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Re: Kegerator

My first kegerator was an old refrigerator that I had picked up for
free.  it could hold 4 5-gallon kegs and the CO2 + bottled beers on the
door.  If you're looking to save money, that may be the route to go.  If
not, donhellen has the right idea.  I'm collecting material to build a
collar for my chest freezer now.



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Re: Kegerator

Keep an eye out in the local paper for cheap chest freezers. All you
need is a thermostat controller. Works great and will save you lots of

Re: Kegerator

You want to make sure that whatever you get your design incorporates a
way to chill the beer all the way to the faucet.  If you do not, the
beer in the tower will get warm and you will get excessive foam.

mckeyes wrote:
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Re: Kegerator

I am in the process of building my own out of a mini fridge I picked up
free several years back.  It will hold 2 five gallon cornies.  So
far I have one
faucet and a CO2 with regulator on the way.  I will be
building the faucet area
on top out of wood and hope to get a second
faucet in a couple months.

Thanks Adriel for the advice.  Really don't have a way of keeping the
coming out of the top of the fridge cold and was wondering what
would be the
outcome of that.  Mostly I was worried the beer would
begin to create bacteria
or something in the line causing taste or even
stomach problems.  If all it does
is create some excess foam I can live
with that.


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Re: Kegerator

as long as you keep the lines flowing regularly bacteria/spoilage
shouldn't be an issue. (Don't go more than a couple days without a beer!)

The easiest method of cooling the draft tower is get a cheap computer
fan and blow air up into the tower.

your only issue is how to power it, you should be able to get an old
power adapter (I believe its 5VDC, but you can check on the fan, it
doesnt matter if you over-volt a little, (6-7VDC should be fine) as long
as you add a variable resistor, and dont make the fan spin too fast.
i.e. volume control type knob).

I imagine it would cost about $20 to make one.

Mine has a duct that comes off the evaporator fan, but then I have a
very fancy kegerator:

(I have an older version of this one

dlihcsnatas wrote:
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