Low gravity?

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Hydrometer says 1.02...
10lbs wheat
1 lb roasted barley
1 lb chocolate
1 lb rice hills in the mash tun.
1/2 lb carapils

Yes, I know that normally people mix barley with the wheat, but I seem
to've misread my recipe (so I bought a bunch of wheat, no barley, and
figured I'd give it a go anyway)

I mashed for 1 hour at ~148 in 3.5 gallons of water, and did the batch
sparge thing with another 3.5 gal.

I've used this same procedure twice before and had reasonable
gravities, any ideas why this one turned out bad?  Is it even worth
letting it ferment?

Re: Low gravity?

Wheat malt or Soft wheat or what kind of wheat did you buy? How well was
crushed? Did the mash compact?

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Re: Low gravity?

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Briess Wheat malt.  There wasn't any compaction (as far as I know, I'm
no expert -- this is AG batch #3.  I didn't get stuck or near-stuck
anyway).  The mash process went as such:
add grain + 3.5gal/water (temperatures specified in previous post)
let sit for 1 hour
Add 3.5gal/water
Let sit for a few minutes

Re: Low gravity?

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Additionally, it was crushed by my LHBS, same way everything I've ever
used is -- imagine if you quartered a BB, that's about how it looked.

Re: Low gravity?

Far from being an expert I see what went wrong. From what I see in your
recipe the lack of malted barley is the problem. The barley contains the
enzymes that break down starches into sugars. The max ratio for wheat
beers I have read or heard of is 60% barley 40% wheat. I strongly
suggest going to http://www.howtobrew.com/ and
http://www.basicbrewing.com/radio/ for great info on all things beer.
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