Mash Infusin Equation

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    I'm looking to find an equation that will give me the
Temperature required of the second or third infusion rest when I enter
a set volume of water....

    I already have the Strike Water Initial Infusion Calc and the
Mash Infusion Calc (which gives me the volume of water to use when the
infusion temperature is entered) from Palmers "How to Brew".

    I am building my own brewing software (using MS-Access & VBA)
so what I need is the actual algorithm that will tell me what
temperature a set volume of water needs to be to raise the mash
temperature from say 55 degrees celsius to 65 degrees celsius adding
20 litres of hot liquor.  The equation in Palmers book will give me
the volume of Hot Liquor to add when I enter a specific infusion
temperature, what I need is an equation that will tell me the
temperature of the 20 litres of Hot Liquor needs to be to raise the
mash temperature from 55 degrees to 65 degrees.  I am working
predominately in metric, but, can convert from imperial.

Thanks very much if you can help.

Re: Mash Infusin Equation
David wrote:
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Not exactly an answer to the question you asked, but are you aware of
Promash? for a free demo.  May save you from
reinventing the wheel.  OTOH, maybe you just want to write your own...


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Re: Mash Infusin Equation

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Well, if I shan't re-invent the wheel I'll just go to my local
bottlo/liquor store/supermarket (for those living in the democratic
United States of America) and BUY my beer instead of brewing it

I'm just looking for a bit of help with an algorithm.

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