newbie: grains?

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I have the Porter True Brew kit and am confused.  The instructions say
"Place the grains in the steeping bag, ..." but as far as I can see
there is no grain provided or in the list.  The ingredients include
Unhopped Dark Malt Extract, Dark Dried Malt Extract, Malto-Dextrin,
Chocolate Grain Malt, Hop Pellets, Ale Yeast and Priming Sugar.   What
do they mean by "grains"?  Thanks for any advice.

Re: newbie: grains?

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Chocolate Grain Malt

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Re: newbie: grains?

The only possible grain I see is the Chocolate Grain Malt.  Extracts
have already been mashed from grain(s).  The Chocolate Grain Malt is
most likely to darken the color of the beer.  You put it in a grain bag
(usually a stretchy muslin bag), tie a knot in the open end to keep the
grain in the bag.  Heat some water (maybe 2 to 3 gallons) to about 170
degrees, turn off the heat source and dunk the grain bag into the heated
water (like a giant tea bag!) for something like 15 minutes.  Take out
the bag and throw it away.  Now add all the extracts to this water while
constantly stirring as you add it all.  Once it's all mixed and
dissolved, you are ready to boil it and add hops per the directions.

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