Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

Now this is an American brown ale I can sink my teeth into. Lot's of hop
flavour but also a nice touch
in the malt department. Very nicely done!
Best regards,
PS: Dogfish Head really need to include a year in their "packaged in" label
info. Mine says December...2002, 2001, 2000??
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Bill Becker
We just visited the Dogfish Head Brewery. They haven't done much with their tasting area since they moved in last year, but it sure was interesting tasting all the different things they're doing. Had a nice time, in spite of the lack of surroundings - but, it's the beer that counts, not the atmosphere...
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Al G.
"Bill Becker" wrote in news:bqlbgt$245nao$
I've heard that they consider it to be prohibitive to print new labels every year (saw a post on Ratebeer about this). Don't know why they couldn't just stamp the date on the label like Victory (bless their hearts) does. If nothing, it'd make divining your version of World Wide Stout a bit easier.
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Dan Iwerks

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