Winter Ales

What qualifications need to be filled for a beer to be called a Winter Ale?
I notice that the Jubelale I've been buying
is called an Old Ale by the company.(Deschutes) Is a Winter Ale really a
style? TIA for any help.
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Bill Becker
Brewed for winter or near-winter release, and an ale. That's not being flip. That's seriously all it is.
I don't think it's a style. Sure, they usually tend to be stronger beers than the everyday ones in a brewer's lineup, but they're so far over the map that there's no way to come up with even a loose style. There's no way to lump Celeberation Ale and Anchor's winter spiced beer (whatever they call it) into a category together, yet they're both seasonal winter ales. It's just a handy designation to denote a seasonal brewed for winter.
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Steve Jackson
I've seen Deschutes Twilight Ale on tap at a bar in Portland last week. Maybe this is Deschutes "Winter" ale.
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Blake S

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