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Winter Beer Review Part I
I'm slammed with the amount of winter seasonal beers I have in stock right now, a quick trip to my local packy last week yielded a cart full of six-packs which only added to this problem. Thankfully...
11 years ago 1
Terrapin 2007 Monster Beer Tour - Big Hoppy Monster
I love hops, I can't get enough of them. From a clean and crisp bitter German Pils to a blistering Double IPA that trashes my tastebuds for the night, I love it all. Well, except for Amarillo hops, ...
11 years ago
Deschutes Brewery Hop Trip (Bond Street Series)
With the impending hop shortage upon us and quickly becoming reality for both the industry and consumers, all anyone can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Support your local brewery...
11 years ago 1
Miller Beer Catfight Hispanic Commercial
Hi, Does anyone has the Hispanic Version of the Miller Catfight commercial (2003) set in a soccer satdium featuring Argentinan models Ver=F3nica Romero and Claudia. The version was created specifi...
11 years ago
Who can help me polish my thesis?
Iam a chinese girl. i am now writing my master's thesis. it is written in english. i want native speakers to help me polish my language. who can help me ? thank you very much
11 years ago 2
Master thesis
Hi everybody, my name is Elona and I study in Copenhagen Business School. Now I am writing my thesis that is about, Carlsberg in Croatia. I would like to know as many as possible opinions about your...
11 years ago 11
SkullSplitter Strong Scottish Ale
If you coast down hill from my house, at the bottom of the hill you will be in "Historic Ellicott City" which I refer to as the "Ellicott City Slum". The jewel of the Slum is the Phoenix Emporium w...
11 years ago 6
Micro Brew Direct Buy - Why Not?
If vintners can sell wine directly to the end user, why can't micro brewers? -- Dan
11 years ago 21
Alpha King
Can't buy in Milwaukee area anymore now for about a month. Did 3 Floyd's pull out of Wisc for some reason?
11 years ago 6
What is it that give you(me) the headaches?
Some brands tend to guarantee I get a headache later on, even if I do not over-indulge. Notably the Bud brands and their relatives. For a long time I stopped drinking beer altogether, but over the ...
11 years ago 5
Xmas Comes Early for! (Server Upgrades)
Yesterday we took the plunge and ordered a monster server as phase one of our upgrade! This is most exciting and much needed for us! Our biggest bottleneck has been our database (d...
11 years ago 6
Beer of the Month Clubs
Are there any good beer of the month clubs? --
11 years ago 3
Rice in US Beers
Beer experts... Generally speaking, is it true that the major US brewers use rice in addition to barley in making their best-selling beers? If so, in ballpark terms, what proportions are we talk...
12 years ago 52
Small Brews Show They're Not Weak Beer
"As Popularity Rises, Specialty Brewers Challenge Distributors..." Wall Street Journal article:
12 years ago
Brewer's Yeasts and Prohibition
A question came up about the taste of american beers after prohibition. For a given brewery, did a given brand taste the same after prohibition ended as before prohibition started? Were the specif...
12 years ago 1