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Test - apologies!
Sorry about this but I'm only seeing replies to my posts, not my posts. Please ignore! Cliff
6 years ago
Peterborough Beer Festival
Since its very good and no one else as mentioned it - It's Peterborough this week and the beer selection does look rather good. There's more details at
11 years ago 5
Newquay Pubs?
I shall be there Tuesday. There's nothing listed in the GBG. Anything to recommend in town or nearby?
10 years ago 4 FAQ
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13 years ago
Orpington Beer Festival tomorrow and Saturday
26 stunning real ales plus ciders and perries. Friday 19 February - Saturday 20 February. 11am to 11pm Music: There will be no live music on the Friday. There will be Music on Sa turday afterno...
3 years ago 3
Manchester Winter Ales Fest
Obscure bit of info but may help those like me who prefer to use postcodes in transport planners and Internet maps. The published postcode for the Sheridan Suite in all publicity I can find is wron...
8 years ago 6
National Winter Ales Festival - Manchester
Arrived at the festival at 5.30 PM on Saturday to find that the vast majority of the beers were sold out. After visiting both floors I would say that only 20 or so beers remained, most of which wer...
11 years ago 7