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infiltration or theft?
Having found that the entire thread 1st Morecambe Beer Festvial had been poached on and tweeted by the same, I searched and found 642 matches for my name on that forum - presumably all...
7 years ago 11
National Trust Pubs
I was in one the other day (the Tower Bank Arms in Sawrey , Lake District) which was very agreeable. I didn't realise the NT owned any pubs so it got me thinking "how many pubs does the National Tru...
12 years ago 11
Pubs ?
Article from today's Times :- Thoughts anyone ? I'm in my 60's. Earlier in my life I lived in pubs. Chatting to people -...
11 years ago 4
Help needed with Firkin of Real Ale at home
I purchased a firkin of real ale (Hook Norton's Old Hookey) yesterday (Tuesday 20/12/05) for consumption over Christmas. I set it up in my garage at midday, left it to settle for the afternoon and v...
14 years ago 6
How to cancel CAMRA subscription ?
Who do I contact to cancel my CAMRA subscription ? I can't face another year of What's Brewing, probably the most insipid campaign publication I've ever read.
14 years ago 33
Manchester Beer and Cider Festival
Did anyone on this ng visit MBCF at its new venue this year? Any comments? I ask as a volunteer at the event, who only really experienced Friday night and Saturday afternoon. And different people ha...
4 years ago 5
Fox and Goose Hebden Bridge
The co-operative group who have been raising money to take over the Fox have finally reached their target and are planning to purchase the pub. The pub was formerly the best one in Hebden Bridge b...
6 years ago 3
Alternatives to this group
Since this group is all but deceased, does anyone have any recommendations for beer orientated discussion groups / forums?
9 years ago 21
Bottle conditioned?
I'm a relative youngster in real ale drinking terms, and I don't know much about beer but I know what I like - variety, character, and a willingness to experiment with tastes that may not cater to t...
12 years ago 12