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As one who is about to take his life in his hands again and venture forth beyond the safe edge of civilisation known to all as Watford, could anyone recommend any decent (doesn't have to be GBG) pubs in the Solihull area of Brum? I'm up there for the weekend soon and would like to drink some moild as is my want.
Cheers Al
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Al Ferrier

I'll save you the bother, I'm the Branch Contact. No cask mild left in Solihull centre, but it is still available in the Sharmans Cross and places such as Olton, Shirley and Knowle(3 out of the 4 pubs have Mild there). However you'll struggle to find a mild that isnt M&B or Ansells. Best pubs in the area at the moment? As previously mentioned - Saddlers Arms (Solihull), Red Lion(Shirley), plus Vaults(Knowle) and Boat (Catherine de Barnes) (had Theakstons Mild last week, but turns guest beers over fairly quickly) As usual, the further you are prepared to travel, the better the choice.
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Steve Wood
this may be slightly OT, but there was a great off-licence in Shirley - just off Cranmore Boulevard. It had 4 'guest beers' on tap, and they were always wonderful. Especially the Spitfire I had once. If you can't find the pubs you like (and you wont like them unless you like John Smiths-style lads n' scantily-clad children style pubs), go there instead.
Or get on the train, nip over to Leamington and visit the Hogshead.
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anonymous bimbo

Yep, Bernies is the off-licence, well recommended if you want a 'beer at home' There is a Hogshead in Solihull, where you can get Caledonian Deuchars IPA or Fullers London Pride, but thats all they stock these days (so probably not worth going to Leamington for the same range - get off at Warwick and visit the Fourpenny Shop instead)
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Steve Wood
The latter two *might* have been real - it certainly used to be commonplace. Whether worth drinking is doubtful, of course.
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