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Big apology! Whilst checking something on the web I noticed that I had the date of Wakefield Beer Fest wrong, It is actually 23rd - 25th October 2003. This may mean that I have got the date wrong for...
16 years ago
George Best and the duties of the publican
[Well, it's a bit quiet in this group, so I thought I'd just toss in a grenade.] The media are full of stories about Mr Geo. Best, sometime international footballer and now Britain's most famous liver...
16 years ago 20
Wetherspoons can't sell Real Ale when they've run out of 'gas'
After my first pint of Butcombe Gold last night, my nearest JDW - the Britannia, Rowley Regis, West Midlands - couldn't sell any Cider, Lager or Real Ale because they had run out of 'gas'. The only...
16 years ago 3
Greene King Summer ?
Tried a GK seasonal on Friday night but can't remember the name ! It was Summer something ISTR, can anyone shed any light on this ? tried GK web site, no mention :o( Cheers Following on from Lambic...
16 years ago 1
Torquay & Paigton recommendations
Anyone got any good recommendations for these two areas, I down there working Thursday & Friday. Which is the best of the two to stay in for choice to the other Thanks Graham Mason In message , Graham...
16 years ago 2
Newcastle Brown is still the Best
They removed the little white star that changes to blue from bottles, but Newkie Brown still comes out on top for best British ale. Too big, won't bite that trolling line. On Fri, 11 Jul 2003 13:33:23...
16 years ago 4