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Protz Online
Just noticed that Roger Protz's website has finally been updated with his articles from the Morning Advertiser & elsewhere inlc WB. Nice piece about Harviestoun's GBBF win, Brakspear coming "home" (no...
16 years ago
pub for sale on ebay
Received this in email from people too lazy to post it here (you know who you are;) Go for it Shirley! This is a good chance for you to put your money where your mouth is.
16 years ago 1
Pubs in Hythe, Hampshire
Not having a GBG (Don't get around much), could anyone recommend some good pubs/beers/food etc. in Hythe, Hampshire please? Thanks in advance. Peter Harris
16 years ago
Fuller's: ahhh!
Hi folks Well, London's premier indie brewer, Fuller's of Chiswick, have stolen a march on their lacklustre rivals across the Thames by releasing two draught beers that are rarely in-cask. As Young's ...
16 years ago 12
OT: eBay "scam"
I'm posting this as many people who use eBay on here might get stung. I've received an email supposing to be from which looks reasonable enough. The message is as follows: From: [mailto: Sent: 01 Sept...
16 years ago 2
Overton (Hampshire Downs) Beer Festival
16 years ago
Tamworth Pubs
I'm considering venturing to the Tamworth beer festival this weekend. Are there any decent pubs in Tamworth, close to the station or festival venue? Last time I went to Tamworth the place was full of ...
16 years ago 3 FAQ
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16 years ago
Anyone out there received the latest "loyalty card" mag from Tesco? They have an interesting definition of "real ale" in a bottle methinks. Perhaps it should be " products sold on draft as real ales w...
16 years ago 8
Castle Eden Brewery???
Was doing research for my upcoming trip to the UK and was trying to link to the Castle Eden website but for some reason I get a wedding website when I type in there web address Any help would be great...
16 years ago 3
Well, I did my bit today :-)
One of my local's lager-drinkers had a sip of my pint of Ringwood's Old Thumper today. "Cor, that's nice! Smooth! How strong is it?" Well, you never know. Peter Harris Indeed, it's often when they get...
16 years ago 1
Empty Polypins for a U.S. beer nut
Hello, Does anyone know where I could get a few empty polypins shipped to me in the U.S.? There was a cask ale festival in NYC where the guy who ran it had a lot of breweries fill polypins and it was ...
16 years ago 1
Red Lion Location Hitch Hiker guide
I Wonder wher the first episode of Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy was filmed? At which red lion. Also the beer that was served seemed to be 'tramplins' or 'Tamplins'. Thanks in advance. Neil. Real a...
16 years ago
Cumbria Help
Recommendations please, for pubs in Askam-in-Furness, Barrow-in-Furness and Ulverston. Visiting a mate up there next month. Thanks, Lee. Ah, the Pickthall homelands. The Furness peninsula (especially ...
16 years ago 11
OK, OK - Not so Cracking!
Well ok, ok - then not so cracking! Suggestions please for what you consider to be a cracking site for a list of real ale pubs and facilities that could be of interest to travellers. But who knows a l...
16 years ago 1