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Just out of interest, how many of the occasional visitors to this ng are now contributing to CAMRA's "Discourse" message board? Or lurking there?
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My Local BF
1 year ago
Epping to Ongar QEII Beer Festival 28th, 29th and 30th July 2017. Celebrating 60 years (apparently) since the Epping-North Weald-Ongar line f irst opened. Steam Trains, of course, but t...
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Mine's A Light & Bitter!
I was drinking a Snecklifter, 5.1%, in the JJ Moons at Tooting. My mate left, and he left a half of cold Guinness on the table. The snecklifter wasn't that good, so I mixed them together to make a Bla...
2 years ago 2
Cheapest pint ?
What the cheapest regular pint in a pub you have been too recently ? last week I got a round of Sammy Smith's mixed in the Boars Head, Stockport (not a 'Spoons). Cost was £6.68 for the 4 or £1...
2 years ago 4
I was a beer snob, in the days of my youth. If I drank a lager it would normally be a Czech one such as Urquell or Budweiser Budvar. Many people thought that the Czech Budweiser was superior to the Am...
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Worthington White Shield
Worthington White Shield was my favourite bottled beer. I never even saw the Green Shield, but I believe there was one. I think that Worthington White Shield is being made again, possibly under the ...
2 years ago 7
A Good Yorkshire Beer
On Sunday 23rd April I went to a beer festival at The Sultan, London SW19. It is SL CAMRA's Pub of the year. I had many good beers there. But one stood out: Nettle Thrasher, 4.4% from Elland Brewer...
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I've just arrived in Norwich. What's the best beer?
2 years ago 3
How clean is your pub?
If you go to you can check the hygiene rating of your local pub. My nearest pub got a 4, but the pub I normally use only got a 2! My local kebab shop scored a dast...
2 years ago 3
Rushden Cavalcade - Real Ale Bar 29 April - 01 May
The Rushden Cavalcade of Historical Transport and Country Show takes place on Saturday 29 April, Sunday 30 April, and Monday 01 May 2017 just off the A6 just south of Rushden, Northamptonshire NN1...
2 years ago
Young's Special
I am currently in the Wibbas Down Inn in upmarket Wimbledon. I'm drinking Y oung's Special. Guess how much? One pound ninety nine pee! That's right. £1.99. When did you last pay that for that?
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Mention of Spoonfest inspires me to alert you all (both? just the one of yo u?) to Woodfest. Yes, the Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wo od is promoting a festival of beers in full wo...
2 years ago 3
Now on. As there's 30, not 50 ales I might get to see more than half this time.
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The GBBF and Me
I normally work on the Northern Line on London's Underground. TODAY, though, I was booked on a course (Fire Safety) at West Kensington. T HAT is now the nearest Tube stop to Olympia. And Olympia is...
3 years ago