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Mention of Spoonfest inspires me to alert you all (both? just the one of yo u?) to Woodfest. Yes, the Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wo od is promoting a festival of beers in full wo...
2 years ago 3
Now on. As there's 30, not 50 ales I might get to see more than half this time.
3 years ago 3
The GBBF and Me
I normally work on the Northern Line on London's Underground. TODAY, though, I was booked on a course (Fire Safety) at West Kensington. T HAT is now the nearest Tube stop to Olympia. And Olympia is...
3 years ago
Doosra Beer
Here is that beer It seems to have moxed reviews. I'm sad that I was too late to try some!
3 years ago 2
Whitbread Pale Ale
I am at this moment in The Draft House, London, EC1v 7NR. I'm drinking Whit bread Pale Ale. This is the only place in the world you can get it. It's sl ightly cloudy but that's probably just the wea...
3 years ago 7
Blue Pig Beer Festival 2016, Hebden Bridge
Midgehole, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7AL C.I.U. Affiliated Beer Festival August 2016 Fri 5th 5pm - 11pm Sat 6th 12:30pm - 1am Sun 7th 12:30pm - 5pm Members And Guests Welcome 12 Bee...
3 years ago 3
Botesdale Beer Festival this Holiday weekend
At the Greyhound Pub (the one with the Spaniel on the pub sign). Outdoor tent, live music, many Real Local Beers and ciders, champagne bar. Botesdale, near Diss, Suffolk/Norfolk border. Just off th...
3 years ago
Rushden Cavalcade - 30 April - 2 May 2016 - Real Ale bar
The Rushden Cavalcade of Historical Transport and Country Show. which takes place this year at Rushden, Northants, from 30 April to 2 May, will have its usual real ale bar. Their website's food ...
3 years ago 1
Orpington Beer Festival tomorrow and Saturday
26 stunning real ales plus ciders and perries. Friday 19 February - Saturday 20 February. 11am to 11pm Music: There will be no live music on the Friday. There will be Music on Sa turday afterno...
4 years ago 3
Twickenham Beers
I was in the Moon Under Water at Balham and I asked for a beer by Twickenha m. The guy behind the bar said that he liked Twickenham beers a lot because there was never any problem with them. He sai...
4 years ago 1
I'm off to Lille soon. Just an hour and twenty minutes from Kings Cross! I know it's in Flanders and that there are lots of good beers there, but anything local and outstanding?
4 years ago 4
I occasionally encounter a hiatus in the train service from Wolverhampton so I am familiar with the Great Western (good Holden's beer at very reasonable prices, and a real fire). However, I shortl...
4 years ago 2
Manchester Beer and Cider Festival
Did anyone on this ng visit MBCF at its new venue this year? Any comments? I ask as a volunteer at the event, who only really experienced Friday night and Saturday afternoon. And different people ha...
4 years ago 5
Birmingham £5 a pint spotted
Craven Arms in a rundown/new build part at the back of New Street station!
4 years ago 9
"Real ale" on P&O Ferries
For over a year now, P&O Ferries have been offering hand pulled beer from t he Marston's range on three of their routes - Dover-Calais, Hull-Rotterdam, and Hull-Zeebrugge. Does anyone here know how...
4 years ago 3