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Anybody Been To Riga?
They tell me there is some VG cheap beer there? Even better than the Czech beer.
11 years ago 1
Beer-Jing Ale-lympics Beer Festival [long]
11 years ago 13
Essex/Suffolk 6 pub festivals this weekend - or next
Details on two web pages Pub details (where they have their own web site) http://www.thestatio...
11 years ago
OT? Beer in other genres . . .
If I had a blog, I'd prob put this there, but anyway, apologies if it's mildly OT. I was reading an article about a film I'm going to see tonight - The Oxford Murders - it's a mathsy murder mystery. ...
11 years ago
Arran in Trouble . . .
Sad news about Scottish brewery, Arran - from ___________ Arran Brew...
11 years ago
Interesting new use for Beer Festival
11 years ago
Tredegar House (Newport South Wales) Folk Festival and bar tonight
9-11 May (Fri-Sun) 19th Tredegar House Folk Festival A weekend of international dance, music + song. CAMRA beer tent-open: Fri 7-12; Sat 12-12; Sun 12-5. Regular buses (Nos 34, 36) run from Newpor...
11 years ago
Halifax Beer Festival
Halifax Beer Festival is being held this week on Friday and Saturday at Square Chapel in Halifax (about 400 yds from Halifax Railway Station) Theres a list of beers on sale at http://www.hxcalderd...
11 years ago
AD: Beer Festival - Northampton - 29th - 31st May
11 years ago
New edition of Tap-room
News on real ale, pubs, beer festivals and breweries - with a touch of humour. The latest on line edition of Tap-room is available at
11 years ago
Buying a local barrel in Glasgow
I'm getting married next month and the day after the wedding we're planning a barbecue. I was hoping to buy a small barrel of local ale for this, but I'm not quite how to do this. I live in Glasgow. ...
11 years ago 3
Real ale at Rushden Cavalcade this weekend
The 30th. Rushden Cavalcade of Transport and Country Fair takes place over the coming Bank Holiday weekend 3/4/5 May 2008. The list of ales at the Real Ale Bar can be accessed from:- http://www.cav...
11 years ago 6 FAQ
11 years ago 1
Upcoming West Yorkshire Pub Beer Festivals
Mild & Wild Beer Festival at the Cellar Bar, Batley 1st - 3rd May, 12.00 noon to 12.00 midnight. The pub is directly across the road from Batley railway station. Beer, entertainment, and other detai...
11 years ago 8
Hobgoblin: anticlimax and disclaimer
Apparently I've been asked to park me broomstick elsewhere... It has been suggested that my last Hobgoblin rant must've been based on information supplied by staff at the pub. OH, COME ON! Most ...
11 years ago