Save the Ayingerbrau fat man!

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To: Sam Smiths Breweries
We the undersigned petition Sam Smiths Breweries to restore the plastic German man in his box to the beer steins of Ayingerbrau lager. The 'man in the box' has become a symbol of conviviality among all London drinkers, his jolly red face and happy smile encouraging responsible drinking. From a branding point of view, his is a total success story, elevating an ordinary - if cheap - lager to a pubgoer's icon. Also, no wars have ever been fought between countries* where the fat man appears in pubs, making him an image of peace as well as good times.
The replacement stein, a drab picture of the man in the Bavarian countryside, is much inferior. We petition to have the fat man restored to his rightful three dimensions and to his natural home, the box.
*(except possibly Britain and Germany)
Go on. You can make a difference.
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