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Original Sin Hard Cider Sometimes we crave something different, and, yes, we have been known to stray from beer. A bold merlot with a bowl of macaroni and gravy (aka "Red Gold...
12 years ago
Buzzards Bay Hefe Weizen We're guessing that most of you have run into a Hefeweizen before-a German-style wheat beer ("weizen") with yeast ("hefe") in suspension, which is know...
12 years ago
Brooklyn Winter Ale We first poured a special draught version of this beer at last year's Extreme Beer Fest. Brooklyn's first "command performance" beer was brewed for the...
12 years ago
World's best selling beers
After a discussion with a friend, I would like to know which are the world's best selling beers, preferably in order by volume or sales etc. I would like facts, rather than opinions, please. Thank...
12 years ago 18
American Beer Fest - tickets on-sale now
Join us for two glorious days of beer as we celebrate American brewers, their beers, and the awesome beer culture that surrounds it all at our 3rd Annual American Beer Fest! Held @ The Cyclorama at...
12 years ago
A-B is now the importer(US) for Leffe
A-B signed a deal with InBev to import Stella, Becks, Bass, Hoegaarden, and Leffe. The deal was signed last year and went into effect two weeks ago.
12 years ago
weltenburger kloster in los angeles?
I have been purchasing (&drinking) this beer from Alpine Village, off Torrance & 110 Freeway. It is quickly becoming my favorite beer. It is around $2.50-$2.75 per bottle. Anyone know where I can...
12 years ago 1
Ohio Beer
Hi, I'm looking for personal recommendations for beer bars in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus please. I've looked at several websites but the reviews seem a little old, and may not truly reflect...
12 years ago 4
Malt Extract
Forget homebrew. Try these crunch bars with malt extract and a "mystery" ingredient.
12 years ago
Journalist Looking For Restaurants That Have Beer Brewed Especially For Them
Greetings, I publish a newsletter and a blog on Beer & Food ( ). Two restaurants that I know of, Circa, in High Bridge, NJ and Oleana in Cambridge, MA have special beers...
12 years ago 7
Troegs Imperial Amber/Nugget Nectar
I was hesitant to try this beer when i found it locally for close to fricking $12. per six pack. Alas when found for 10. + local tax -I bit. Although $8 is my normal limit. Never the least, thi...
12 years ago
Anchor Schwartzbier
Picked up a six of Anchor Bock. Pretty tastey beer. Translucent black in color with a dark brown head, very roasty in both aroma and taste. Not a lot of malt flavor to speak of. In short, apart ...
12 years ago 4
Bigfoot Verticals
I'm now reconsidering this stance. I've been delving into my stash, which goes back 10 years. Seems I'd forgotten just how spectacular old Bigfeet are when tasted alone. Certainly lacking in hop ...
12 years ago 3
Party suggestions
I have to buy a case of beer for a bunco event Friday night. Here is the scenario. When I get a chance to drink beer, I want it to be good beer. I have about 5 bottles left from a case of Troeg...
12 years ago 7
Cincinnati Beer
Hi, I'll be visiting Cincinnati in the spring. Can anyone recommend good beer bars or brewpubs in public transportation reach of downtown please? Somewhere with a good range of US beer and good bas...
12 years ago 2