Save Our Starbucks?!

x-no-archive:yes "Now that Starbucks Corp. has disclosed the 600 locations it wants to shutter, a phenomenon is taking hold: the Save Our Starbucks campaign.
"In towns as small as Bloomfield, N.M., and metropolises as large as New York, customers and city officials are starting to write letters, place phone calls, circulate petitions and otherwise plead with the coffee giant to change its mind..."
Wall Street Journal:
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Here's a list of which stores are closing:
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10 here in San Diego... a couple of which were I think are ones which were put in the ground floor of new apartment buildings.
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I was astonished the first time I saw the *bucs in Bloomfield. Steve A., did you ever see that one or were you out of the area by the time it was built. Right at the intersection of 550 and the Bloomfield to Farmington highway. We have one going up near us here in Las Cruces which does not have a drive-through. Can't figure that one out either. Bernie
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We only went to Bloomfield a few times, probably to register a car, passing through on the way to Albuquerque, etc. I don't recall ever seeing a Starbucks... We left Shiprock late May of 2006. Was it built by then?
I think that's the intersection where UPS/Fedex shipping place is/was? Even while we were there, it seems that one or the other pulled out of that particular building. If that's the intersection I'm thinking of, I might have even noticed a Starbucks if it were there.
I mostly don't bother trying.
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Steve Ackman

I'd like to see 'em close 600 more every month. Can't go two blocks without seeing a Starbucks. The McDonalds of coffee.
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