Can I use the same equipment I use to make wine to make beer?

Can I use the same equipment I use to make wine to make beer?
I make wine with 5 gallon jug and a ballon with holes in it as the air lock
and stopper. The wine turns out fine. Can I use these same items to make
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Your beer will likely end up with some winey aromas and your wine will probably show beery aromas, just go and get another fermenter...
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you did not mention bottle is glass or plastic
no matter. about the balloon idea. i can visualize horrors of a blowout, on that one.
use your sterilizing solution to clean your carboy. BUTT it is not sterilized REALLY. now wash it with plain water. then put it out in the sun for several bright sunny days. UPside down and open.
then wash the inside and outside of the bottle again, and rinse, really well. you should have no problems.
remember the oldest reciepe in the world is how to make beer. so after 5000 years it takes a genuis to really fuck it up.
in other words if you pick your nose or take a leak without washing your hands then all bets are off. xheers
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