Plug Stuck Inside Carboy

I know this is stupid, but I pushed too hard and managed to shove a rubber plug inside my carboy. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might pull that thing out of the carboy once I have transferred the beer? Thanks.
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Dennis O'Connell

Well, I have seen this particular problem posted many times before, so I know how to ask Google for answers... here they are:
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You might want to read them all, and select the method that sounds least alarming to you. I'd personally go for the bandana / tea towel method, as it's least likely to scratch your carboy. Don't use the hammer method!
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Ross McKay

Yes, To remove the plug tip the carboy on it's side on a table. get a plastic bag without any holes in it so you can inflate it. It should be about the size of a shopping bag and fairly thin plastic. Run the bag through you clenched hand so it's a long thin shape capable of being inserted into the carboy. Insert the bag leaving the opening poking out of the carboy. Carefully shake and manipulate the plug so the pointy end sits down near the mouth of the carboy next to the bag. It's probably better if you first spray a little water mixed with detergent into the mouth area of the carboy first. Next, inflate the plastic bag by blowing in it and twist the end to stop too much air excaping and gently pull the plastc bag out of the carboy. The plug will come out with it. Oh, you might want to siphon the beer out first! Steve W (in Aus)
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Hey Dennis,
This happened to me a while back and I used the bent wire hanger method:
untwist a wire hanger until it is straight. Bend one end of it to make a hook that can catch your rubber stopper. Snake this into your carboy and fish out the plug.
This will require some serious pulling and a steady hand, lest brewer and carboy go across the room.
Good luck
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Joe Murphy

I just removed a #7 from my carboy last week, I used the wet towel method and it really took less than 5 minutes, get a wet small towel like a dish rag, drop it in the carboy as much as you can without loosing it in there, tip the carboy on it's side and roll it around until the cork falls onto the towel then tip the carboy upside down so that the towel falls on top of the cork, then pull hard as you can on the towel to yank it out with the cork in it, you have to pull hard, it requires some muscle. Came out on my first try.
good luck
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