Anybody know any good brewing software

Yes. Did you try a Google search or visiting an HBS website for this? Answer is pretty simple though. Promash and Strangebrew seems to be the most commonly used pieces of software out there.
Tom Veldhouse
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Thomas T. Veldhouse
On Tue, 24 Jun 2003 14:59:05 -0500, "Tyler" wrote:
I am useing Strange Brew by
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Strange Brew is great, I use it for all my brewing needs. It's got tons of excellent features. Drew Avis maintains it quite well, and comes out with an upgraded version every year or so. I haven't tried any other software, but still, I'd highly recommend it.
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David M. Taylor
Yes! We have under "Software & Programs" My Brew Collection software My Wine Collection software ProMash System
-- Cheers!
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Matthew Nerbonne
That's all good to know. So how does he get access to it. :)
Just go to
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and DL the trial version Tyler. Use it, learn it, then buy it for less than $25 if you like it. It's worth every penny.
Russ M. Boise, ID
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Russ M.

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