Dalmore 21 ???

Still looking for perceptions of The Dalmore 21.
Local ABC stores have Macallan 25 at several hundred bucks (which seems a trifle high) so I'm wondering whether the slightly younger Dalmore at way less money might be interesting??
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Uzytkownik "chuck" napisal:
I've never had a Dalmore 21yo OB, but I have had the dubious pleasure of sampling the Macallan 25yo. About the worst case of burnt-rubber flavour I have ever experienced. The only thing that would have been worse than that would have been if I'd had to actually pay for it ;-) Anyway, awful if you ask me, and I'll have anything other than another Macallan 25yo OB.
Cheers, Rajmund
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The Dalmore 21 is nicely sherried, extremely smooth, not as assertive as the older Macallans. To us, it's an excellent after-dinner whisky.
Then you had a dram from a bad or tampered-with bottle.
There is that!
IMO, that would be your loss. The 25 and 30 are both excellent. A bottle of the 30 was a featured guest much appreciated by all at our wedding, along with an equally appreciated bottle of XO Cognac. 8;)
-- Larry
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The "slightly younger" scotches are usually just as interesting and sometimes more so than their older brothers. Most older scotch is more expensive not because it is better, but because of evaporation during longer aging periods (the angel's share) there is less product and more psychological mystique and therefore a higher price.
Practically all scotch reaches it's peak of aged life between ten to fifteen years. Most casks after 21 years begins to turn less than desirable. The distiller loses about 2% per year to evaporation so they need to double (triple?) the price just to break even. Older stuff may not be in such great supply but it is not a superior dram in the vast majority of cases.
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Jimmy Smith

Thanks Jimmy! Guess I'll save my money. I really like the middle-aged Islay malts, like Laphroig and Lagavulin at 15 or 16 years, and the Highland Park 18 as well. They are mellower than the youngsters but still retain the original bite.
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