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You perhaps mean methanol? That's bad... Drink it and you'll see - not! Anders
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I'm thinkin spring water for a month!
Some edited Wiki.....
Specific Poisonings
Poisoning usually follows ingestion of contaminated alcohol beverages or 'methylated spirits'. Intoxication in industrial settings follows absorption across the skin or lung. It is metabolised by alcohol dehydrogenase to formaldehyde, which is itself rapidly oxidised to the principle toxin, formic acid.
Signifcant ingestion causes nausea, vomiting and abdo pain. Its effects on the CNS resemble those of ethanol although in low doses it does not have a euphoric effect. Visual symptoms present with falling visual acuity, photophobia and the sensation of 'being in a snow storm'.
Up to 2/3rds of patients have a raised amylase (haemorrhagic pancreatitis has been reported at post mortem) Seizures are seen in severe intoxication. CT scanning usually shows cerebral oedema or even necrosis in the basal ganglia (a Parkinsonian-like state is sometimes seen with recovery). Patients with visual symptoms may develop irreversible visual impairment even with aggressive intervention.
Prognostic features
Ingestion of only 10ml can cause blindness and 30ml can be fatal.
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