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went to Glen Moray last week
Was guiding a tour of Germans last week and we were staying in Elgin. They wanted to visit the Glen Moray destillery and we took the tour. I was never very impressed with Glen Moray, but their new s...
11 years ago 4
Lagavulin 15-Year-Old Distillers Edition Islay Malt Whisky
Hi all, Has anyone tried the above? I like the stanard 16 year old very much, but have now stared drinking some of the sherried malts ie Glenfiddich Solera Reserve, Macallan 15 Year Old F...
11 years ago 5
Black bottle
Does anyone in Calgary know where to get Black Bottle scotch?
11 years ago 2
Old Parr
Been trying to find Old Parr scotch in the USA. anyone know where i can get my hands on some?
11 years ago 1
Canadian Whisky Trademark Court Case...
On April 03, 2008, the Canadian Federal Court reversed the case of the Scotch Whisky Association (of Scotland, UK) versus Glenora Distillery, striking down Glenora's right to a trademark and to call...
11 years ago
The Bowmore Family
Just saw Nick mention Bowmore 17 ... my new favorite is Bowmore Darkest. I have also tried the 12 and the Legend but they don't quite do it for me though I don't dislike them. Which one should I ...
11 years ago 3
OT Maybe, Welsh single-malt?
Anyone here tried the Welsh single-malt Whiskies? The salesperson told me he liked it but had nothing particularly descriptive to say why. So I went with the MacAllen 12.
11 years ago 7
Peat vs Smoke
I'm not very good at tasting and talking about whisky. I describe whisky as good or bad, not with hints of leather and apricot. However, I have a question, what is the difference between smoke and ...
11 years ago 10
Drinking habits
I like scotch, and bourbon, and have a drink on a Friday evening, maybe a Saturday too. Just a couple. Some of you lot seem to drink whisky all the time, judging from the content of your posts. ...
12 years ago 60
New bottles...
My wife and I stopped in at the Elephant and Castle on Pennsylvania Avenue for a nightcap last night after supper, expecting only the usual meager selection of The Big Six. But -- lo and behold! -...
12 years ago 3
BenRiach Curiositas
Hi All, Just to get away from the bitching,has anyone tried the above?It's the only(or claims to be)the only peated Speyside malt. Nose:Smoke,peat and light sherry. Taste:More p...
12 years ago 4
What do you tend to drink your Scotch from? I confess I'm firmly in the Glancairn whisky glass camp. I like the feel of it in my hand[0], I like the way it looks, and I'm told it's very good for ...
12 years ago 14
Edradour Cask Strength 1994 - any good?
I was a big fan of the Edradour Cask Strength Decanter from 1993 but that bottling is gone and no longer to be found anywhere. I did hear from Royal Mile Whiskies that there is now a 1994 Decanter ...
12 years ago
Fake Whisky
Anyone seen this? I've bought some bottles on ebay - I think everything I've bought so far has been genuine - but I happen to have a 1984 18YO Macallan from one of ...
12 years ago 5
the best whisky-
for under $13......BlackVelvet 'Reserve''. aged a full 8yrs in oak....
12 years ago 14