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Your thoughts on Tomintoul 16 y.o.
Hi there, I'm a new student in the scotch appreciation class and I'm looking forward to more lab work :-) I have only tried four scotches so far; Tomintoul 16 y.o., Glenmorangie port wine finish 1...
12 years ago 11
Rare finds, or opportunistic hype?
Some thoughts after a recent venture to my local liquor store: Twenty years ago about the only single malt that could be found in a liquor store here was Linkwood -- and that only rarely. Then ...
12 years ago 10
Apple TV Take 2 now acts like an Airport Express
In short: The Take 2 software means you can now stream music to an Apple TV, rather than just having it pull music to it. The important difference is that it now allows software like Airfoil to us...
12 years ago 7
Pick One
You can only pick one SMS that you will live with from now on... I'm drinking mine now... Glenfarclas Cask Strength (105) Strange choice I know, but I like the body/punch/sweetness/velvet.
12 years ago 16
Bruichladdich WMD2 - Yellow Submarine
Anyone ever tried this? Impressions? Thanks!
12 years ago
Happy Burns' Night
Just wishing everyone a happy Burns' Night. I will, indeed, be having haggis but won't be going anywhere this year sadly. To start the evening I'm sipping a Glenrothes Select Reserve, a long time (...
12 years ago 3
Special scotch for Cabin
I'm heading out to a friends cabin for in March for some skiing and relaxing and I was wondering what to bring out there. I want it to be a nicer bottle. I think his favourite is Lagavulin 16, but...
12 years ago 4
Your Local Single Malt hangout ?
I rarely go out these days (the chain reaches barely to the end of the driveway) but on that rare occasion we in Denver, Colorado are lucky to have Pints Pub. go...
12 years ago 1
This malt, bottled by an independent which identifies is as "South Islay," has just landed in Vancouver. From googling, I gather it has been around elsewhere for about a year. I see there's a gre...
12 years ago 10
Malt Advocate - back issues
I have several years of the Malt Advocate magazine - dating back to Fall 2004. Anyone interested in purchasing them? Randy
12 years ago
Late Holiday Gifts
Yeah! I've had none of these before. Laphroaig 12 Oloroso Sherry cask Talisker Distillers Edition Double Matured 1991 Bowmore 25 Lew
12 years ago 4
internet wines
has everything 20% off i think.....
12 years ago 1
Johnnie Walker Blue serial number...
I received a bottle of this for Xmas. I received a collector's set with one each of Red, Black, Gold, and Blue. I have never tasted Blue and will probably not open this bottle unless it's a tru...
12 years ago 2
What santa brought me.
Hi All, This year the Man In Red came along with: Talisker 18(even better than the the 10),Macallan 15 Fine Oak(a newish classic),Aberlour a'bunadh Batch 20(wow I am very impressed,much bett...
12 years ago 16
Merry Christmas everyone!
May your Christmas Spirit be single and malty :-) Jim
12 years ago 4