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Just thinking about what my wife and I eat during the week, and thinking
about the wine we drink on a nightly basis. When I read the wine mags, I
think that people are eating braised lamb with a subtle Pinot from Burgandy.
But how about everyday fare. For example:
Tonight we are having chile, which will last for a couple of days. The wine
of choice, Brancott SB. 11.00 US
Last night we made some home made pizzas. Took about 30 minutes. Cline Zin
or Cline Red Truck.
I think it is important to drink wine with dinner (thinking about my heart
of course) , but our dinners are prosaic, as our wine chocies.
So for everyday fare, what are your favorite everyday wines?
The journey is the reward.
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Rich R
Although I really love good Italian wines, California Cabernets and Pinot Noirs, the wine I most frequently have with dinner is Santa Barbara County barrel fermented Chardonnay. It goes very nicely with grilled fish or chicken, and I have a _very_ large supply of it! :^)
Tom S
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Tom S
I like some of the Columbia Crest offerings, The Cline's are always a good choice as are Rosenblum's Zins. There are a bevy of terrific Alsatian varietals available for everyday drinking and I drink a lot of different Cote du Rhone, Gigondas and St Josephs all under $20.00. Lately I've been drinking a fair amount of J-M Brocard's Bourgogne Blanc from a 3 litre box. Bi!!
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In article , "Rich R" writes:
There's no one size fits all, no wine is a good match for all everyday fare. But I usually try to have at least a bottle in each "category" of the following (many under $10, only the Lafarge more than $15):
Basic food-friendly reds : Lighter: Brun (terres Dorres) L'Ancien Beaujolais, Clair Haute-Cotes-de-Beaune, ? Medium-Cline CA Zin (not 2000), CdR from d'Andezon, Gallo of Sonoma CS, Borsao, Vina Alarba, Lafarge Bourgogne, Viticcio Chianti Fuller: Bogle Petit Sirah, 2000 Lanessan, 2000 Coufran
Basic food-friendly whites: Crisper: Giesen SB, Trimbach Riesling, Clos Roche Blanche Sauvignon Fuller: Brun (Terres Dorres) Beaujolais Blanc Aromatic: Trimbach Gew, Domane Wachau GV Off-dry: various Qba (Loosen, Thanisch, etc.) or Kabinett (Selbach-Oster, Strub) Rieslings
I know this wasn't your point, but I would like to point out that braised lamb is pretty easy to make, and about the most wine-friendly food you could ever serve. :)
Dale Williams Drop "damnspam" to reply
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Dale Williams
In Australia we are lucky to have such varying produce and variety..
meals include seafood such as Salmon Cutlets on the Webber BBQ with a nice West Australian Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, or McLaren Vale Chardonnay..
Vietnamese Combination Noodles with a Mudgee or Barossa Shiraz..
but the Australian Favourite meals is Roast Lamb, cooked rare-medium, with a nice blend red such as Grenache Shiraz Mouvredre, or an aged Shiraz.. (my personnel Fav)..
cheers, ralf
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Ralf Malf
Nice wine. Our everyday SB is the Villa Maria 2002 Private Bin, which around here costs about US$12.
The Cline CA and Ancient Vines Zins are also great values, especially the 2001s. Our recent house reds have been Cotes du Rhones from Domaine de L'Espigouette and Ravenswood 2001 Vintners Blend.
So much depends on what you eat, however. We tend to eat more vegetables and birds, so we tend not to need as many Cabernets as many might. The other factor is that we now have enough older wines in the cellar that we can pull out a few wines every week and not worry about depleting the supply -- so our "everyday" wines are in part things from the cellar now... ;-)
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton

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