First of the 2004 Sauvignons released.

After an enforced layoff from things vinous, I am looking forward to getting my taste buds back.
Having a few friends around for dinner prior to the first of the seasons Rugby Union "Clash of the Titans" [Stanley Cup / NBA stuff is for whimps :-))) ] - so, chanced my arm at the supermarket for a couple of bottles.
Here it is, mid-June and the first of the 2004 Sauvignons are on the shelves, sort of rushed, I believe because, owing to the very small vintage which was 2003.
2004, by all accounts is HUGE!!!
Montana Wines, NZs largest producer says that its Marlborough harvest was the largest ever, beating the previous record (2002) by over 50%, although this is partially explained by new vineyards coming on stream.
And the quality is "up there" although I have not heard the usual crowing about "the vintage of the century"
One point of interest though - Montana is placing great emphasis on Pinot Noir - which they believe may become "The Great Kiwi Red" replicating the success of Sauvignon Blanc on world markets.
They certainly will have substantial volumes coming on stream over the next couple of years.
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