Gabrielli Might not be Dead Yet

stay tuned folks.
Gabrielli Winery which has been squatted by the evil Mr.Takashashi and the more evil carbet-bagger Joe Ccampagna of Trans National and George Pruden from wherever,
might not be dead yet.
oh, the vineyard and winery are not for sale. anyone who would attempt to purchase would face serious tile and other liabilities. bad th ings have been done and possible graft situration too. bewae folks.
there is no such thing as Campagna winery of california or virginia whatsoever.
it's a big fraud.
more news to come. san fran chronicle if you want the straight dope feel free to contsact me.
those who know noh. those who don't can always altavista.
how is coturri? quality wise? any comments?
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