"Hard as it may be to accept, pleasure is not the measure of fine wine."

The following article says:
- Hard as it may be to accept, pleasure is not the measure of fine wine. Rather, the best measure judges complexity, finesse, cohesion of flavors, and an indefinable but unmistakable sense of originality.
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Bravo to that.
Pleasure is purely subjective, and susceptible to the 'dumbing down' effect of the inexperienced marketplace. The other qualities menioned, and possible a few more, can be evaluated more objectively by an experienced palate.
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I agree - the two are intertwined - it seems the author is saying one must discount pleasure in judging a wine, and be concerned only with some barely defined metrics. One could argue for hours about the definition of "finesse", let alone something that is admited to be "undefinable but unmistakable."
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"The best design engages the intellect as well as the senses" & I think that applies in all fields. The quote simply says that (in the wine context) in a different way.
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