Re: I hate pot smokers.

On 19 Dec 2003 13:43:45 -0800, (Raymond
The alchies annoy me far more than the pot users. Pot smokers tend to stay indoors with their habit and NOT smoke on street corners.
But every bar and restaurant you go into has alchies drinking their filthy booze. Stuff that gives them hang-overs, causes mouth cancer and often results in them loosing control of themselves and their motor vehicles.
I can't understand that remark at all. Nearly everyone I meet is an alchie but hardly anyone I meet is a pot user (maybe 10% of them). I'd say we were infested with alchies.
What town are you living in? Seems like a very strange place to be "primarily ..infested with pot smokers"
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Mark P
On 20-12-2003 21:38, in article, "Brian
Only 1 m, and we, too, are way more infested with alkies than pot smokers.
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Eric Johnson

If you get rid of them, you'll wipe out politics as we know it because you've basically removed the entire democrat party.... you'll have to find a new group to face the republicans during elections.
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The GREEN party? Are you NUTS?!?!?! They have pretty much written the book on combining politics with substance abuse. Talk about a bunch of retro-nuts that blast thier brains with halucinogenic compounds.
Funny this thread just popped up, by the way... looks like Al Gore's boy made the news...
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Clint ------
It's as if the diplomatic train has left the station and clueless critics of this country are only now beginning to realize, "Hey, that's my train!"
--Neil Cavuto, describing how america's enemies are now suddenly congradulating us and expressing "delight" at the capture of saddam, finally proving we're doing the right thing and that we're succeeding...
45 Communist Goals for America
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OT response:
I saw that today(gore)..thought it was funny considering the posts here.
Green Party really is not that bad. They are getting more energized than the libertarians. Perhaps in 20-30 more elections they will be on the ballot in all 50 states.
We could learn something from Germany, Isreal...those countries with more than 2 parties. We have apathy in voters as we no longer feel we make a difference. In reality we don't. We need more ideas in general. More diverse opinions than those we have today. For a great nation we have many problems facing us and the two parties out there have little to do and find no time to solve the real issues any more.
I am in favor of multiple party system.
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off a
And the sad thing is if a bunch of drunks are on a corner drinking and one of them lights up a joint then they are considered drug feinds. The alcohol is overlooked.
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Brian Damage
On Mon, 22 Dec 2003 17:08:13 -0500, "Brian Damage"
perhaps if they're on the corner...I've known folks busted for DWI that had pot on them, and the pot was basically ignored - well, they didn't get it back, but they weren't charged with possession.
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Al Lewis
gone are the day when SEX was and addiction? Gone is the day when Internet-chatting and typing with one-hand on the net (wink) was an addiction?
Gone is the day when psycho-babble, spiritual-tripping,cult-hopping, bed-hopping, guru-hopping, political-trip-hopping were all additctions?
Gone is the day when any extremisms were an addiction?
might as welll get drunk, smoke pot, get laid and pet my doggie and call it what it is -- hedonism fer the sake of it.
moderation is for old and dying despots who have everything already. everyone else, party hardy. those who make laws against such or frown -- need to get some while it's hot.
that's what i figure.
now who out there likes fat girls with voracious apetites of all manners and directions?
moonman? al?, oops, al, fergot, yer married and recuperating from a long life of lap dances and cigars.
um anyone else? moonman, i respect your intellect, and yer broad lap, er, moonman?
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*Because **NYC** Could Be BET
I thought this troll was exterminated years ago.
Obviously has crawled out of the effluent pond.
KILL FILE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!
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They almost killed me one time when I was looking for a view to paint. They told me if they found a seed they were going to take my car. That I was white in a black neighborhood. I had $7 dollars stashed under the rug in the back seat the were ready to take it. I was delivering pizzas. I wrote the mayor and that was fowarded to the maggot leut. who wrote back explaining about the disease spreading across the world that gives them permission to trash the bill of rights. I quit delivering pizzas don't paint anymore and now they pull me over for driving slow and invade my property without warrant with large knives and big guns.
The saddest thing today is I cannot find any articles on Google about dead cops or soldiers. Just a 7 year old little boy shot in the back for eating bread. Where are all the articles about dead war mongers?
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Brian Damage
On 23-12-2003 13:27, in article, "Brian
They were exonerated. After a period of suspension -with- pay.
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Eric Johnson
Hahaha!! Now the illegal immigrant from Malaysia tries to pass himself off as "white"!!:)
What's the matter, boy? Too ashamed to acknowledge your roots? You appear to be one of those pretentious fakes who have a severe inferiority complex - overawed by Caucasians. Desperately wished that his mother had fornicated with a white and produced him:))
Hmm, this explains a lot about you - A Malaysian who claims that he was `racially discriminated against'... went to Canada and stayed illegally there. Then discovered that all he's capable of is... delivering pizzas!! Heheh! You can get the same job in Malaysia, Brain:))
Waa... now Brain tries to infer that his letter was read by the mayor! Muahaha! What a self-important pretentious twit! The fact is that one of the minor clerks had thrown it inside the dustbin! Who would ever want to waste time reading what a racist pinhead thinks!:)
So what are you doing now, Brain? Selling your arse to Blacks?
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Ahmad Sayuthi

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