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I frequently drink Gewurtztraminer with a Chinese chicken dish. It goes really well with a Mandarin Orange Chicken I make. I usually get a bottle of Hogue's Gewurtztraminer (about USD7). I was recently in Washington and brought back a few bottles of Three Rivers' Gewurtztraminer -- it's excellent, more viscous and sweeter than the Hogue.
With a Chinese fish or shrimp dish I would try something more dry, like a sauvignon blanc. With a Chinese beef dish -- like triple pepper beef, I serve a less expensive zinfandel, like Ravenswood's Vintner's Blend or Kenwoods "Red Wine" zinfandel blend.
Rob Adelson
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Bingo, Dale! You read my thoughts (as usual).
Or, going back to the earlier "wine with any food" thread, I'd bring a Smaragd GV.
I think that Savennières is one of the best matches with spicy cuisine. With Cantonese or Shanghai cooking, I'd bring a good Sauvignon Blanc. With Hunan fare, I'd skip wine entirely. With Peking cooking, I'd go for a BIG white wine.
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton

These tend to be really light in body.
I totally support this choice (or any other Grüner Veltliner that equals or surpasses 13 per cent alcohol - had Josef Ehmoser's "Aurum" recently - "un vrai regal", as the French say, but I have have no idea whether this wine's exported). Willi Bründlmayer's "Lamm", "Käferberg", or "Alte Reben" would make a perfect match, too.
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Michael Pronay
French: 2000 Domaine Winbach (spelling?) Risling 2000 Trembach Pinot Gris
Cali: 1999 or 2001 Martinelli Gewurztraminer
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Hi Neal, As others have mentioned - it depends on the food. With a spicy chicken stir-fry I like a Chenin Blanc. Baron Herzog makes an inexpensive Chenin Blanc that's very good. But of course, Riesling and other wines mentioned would be good also. Maybe you need to bring a couple of bottles. :-)
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Dick R.

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