This group doesn't accept email from WebTV? That explains why my posts are never responded to!

So, today via my webtv account I posted a question about NV Champagne. I also responded to Mark's poll post. I am viewing AFW from a new AOL account for the first time. I don't see either of my webtv messages posted. Is AFW "programmed" to not accept WebTV emails?
If anyone can answer, I would appreciate it so I know to no longer post questions or responses via webtv.
Thank you!
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Hi Eric,
Chances are it's just very slow. cam.test is a NG that exists to test this sort of thing. I suggest that you throw a few nonsense posts there and see how long they could do the same on any ng but it'd probably be bad form :-).
I hope this helps Regards Sammy
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in article, EMRinVT at on 11/3/04 5:45 PM:
I see both posts from earlier today on my newsreader. Both are timed at around 8:30AM PDT. Is it possible that the reader you are using has an extremely long delay in receiving messages from it's server? Wish I could help. BTW, I am sending this at 6:25PM PDT (Wednesday). Make note of when it posts to the reader you are using.
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