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Last night, I returned home to find Jean in a bad mood (the result of some Bad Behavior on the part of some colleagues in other departments). "Could you open a light and fruity red?" she asks plaintively, remarking that the '06 Brun L'Ancien that I'd opened recently didn't qualify as light & fruity in her book. So, on down to the cellar to see what we've got in the Bojo bin: Lapierre Morgons? nope, too dark; '05 Desvignes M-a-V? no, again! '05 Coudert? nope; '05 Brun Côte de Brouilly? Why not? If a Côte de Brouilly isn't light and fruity, what is?
Answer: something else
2005 J.-P. Brun "Terres Dorees" Côte de Brouilly color: dark nose: pretty closed in, hinting of berries palate: dark fruit, somewhat tannic, highly structured, shut down
Nope, this isn't what she was looking for. A dark-fruited and closed down Bojo if ever there was one. I chalk up the problem to global warming, always an easy scapegoat and make the promise that we'll pick up some genuinely light Bojos. Oh, well. Let's put the half-finished bottle back in the fridge for a couple of nights and see what becomes of it. If you've got some of this, hands off for another few years!
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton

thanks for note. A wine I like, though as you say not light and fruity. 2004 was a better wine for lightness and fruitiness.
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Hmmm, tannic structured Bojos. A similar trend is happening in the Lambrusco area (Vilco will confirm). Not a good thing, what wil lwe drink with a good fatty pork roast?
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Mike Tommasi

On Wed, 05 Mar 2008 20:01:31 +0100, Mike Tommasi wrote:
Well, here's another one. Last Saturday we held a belated Open That Bottle Night party, and someone brought a 2005 Cote de Brouilly Domaine du Pavillon Chavannes, Cuvee Ambassades.
Pretty much nobody liked it. One taster completely panned it. Didn't do much for me, either, but the wine is a far cry from what most of us are used to drinking.
Maybe we opened it too soon or maybe our food choices didn't do it any favors, but the character of the wine was much as Mark describes above. "Dark fruit, somewhat tannic, highly structured, shut down"...no kidding.
I'd like to try it again in a couple years under different circumstances, and when it's not up against a bunch of big Washington and Cal cabs and zins.
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