[TN] '05 Brun Fleurie

Today, Andrew spent the afternoon at a local amusement park with a
friend's family. Taking advantage of his absence, we decided to cook a
more elaborate dinner, which tonight consisted of rabbit in mustard
sauce, gratin Dauphinoise and sauteed kale. With this meal, we opened:
2005 Dom. de la Terre Dorees Fleurie
nose: initially, tight and briery; with air, dark cherries and
minerality with a slight floral overtone
palate: initially, chalky tannins; with air, very smooth and
medium-light body
Some guy with the nym of DaleW posted a note on Cellartracker 4 years
ago talking about how tight and closed in this wine was. Well, it still
is a bit tight and youthful, but after an initial taste we decanted half
the bottle and gave it a lot of aeration. Although the wine still tasted
a bit tight even after the aeration, when paired with the rabbit it was
transformed into a fruit, smooth wine. One of the better food/wine
pairings I've had in recent months, this one really worked.
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton
I really like the Brun Beauolais but can't get it in New Mexico. May try to see if they have it in Texas.
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