TN: 2005 Fleurie

Domaine Berrod 2005 Fleurie -- no further designation. I have little
experience with Cru Beaujolais wines, so I have been looking forward
to opening this wine that I bought recently at one of the local
upscale grocery markets. We opened the bottle last night and I am
finishing it off now, about 20 hours later. The aroma is a bit
different every time I take a sniff, but red berries, especially
slightly underripe strawberry, is dominant with a bit of lime.
Greenish strawberry on the palate as well, with black pepper,
charcoal, fairly sharp acidity and light tannin. Over all, I'm not
euphoric about this wine, but I like it well enough that I want to try
others of its kind.
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Andy, I'm not familiar with that producer, but from your description it sounds like a wine in need of food to accompany it. If you have it with rabbit or quail, or even a roast chicken, it might come across as a very different wine. Of course, you might already have had it with food, in which case it might just be a somewhat overtart wine...
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton
You're probably right, Mark. I did drink it with food, but perhaps the wrong food. It was a light supper of salad with roast chicken. The vinaigrette would have been the spoiler.
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Over all, I'm not
I don't know this producer either, but there is a tendency to overdo some of the caricature traits of Beaujolais, using special yeasts that produce banana or raspberry or strawberry flavours...
Food will help, these are low tannin high acidity wines that IMHO need something quite fatty, a pork roast seems perfect.
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Mike Tommasi

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